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Welcome Calista !

After a maternity photo shooting in the beautiful Rose Garden and Vasona Lake County Park in San Jose, I had the pleasure to welcome Baby Calista and her family at my place for her newborn photo shooting.

She was absolutely delightful, and slept the whole time.

Here are the wonderful memories that I had offered to this sweet family.

Maternity photo session in Capitola Beach

For my first article on this new blog, I wanted to introduce you Lucie and her family.
Just a few days ago, we went on the beautiful beach of Capitola to immortalize her last days of pregnancy.
We took advantage of the beautiful colors of the houses and typical elements of this beach.
The weather was cloudy, giving a very special atmosphere in these pictures.
In a few days I will have the pleasure of seeing again this delightful family for the first pictures of their second little boy.
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